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Insurance Services

Handling unexpected situations is part of business, so our insurance service is here to provide a safety net, particularly for your foreign staff. From health coverage to safeguarding your people, we’ve got your business protected.

Our insurance coverage includes:

  • Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee
  • Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme
  • Medical Insurance
  • General Insurance

We guide you through every step to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Needs Assessment

Begin with an assessment to understand your insurance requirements and coverage needs.

Tailored Solutions

Provide personalized insurance solutions to address specific risks and ensure sufficient coverage.

Policy Selection

Guide you through policy options, helping you choose the coverage that aligns with your business needs.

Application Process

Assist in the application process, ensuring accurate information for a smooth and quick approval.

Documentation Support

Handle the necessary paperwork, making the documentation process hassle-free for you.

Policy Activation

Celebrate the activation of your insurance policy, securing your business and staff against potential risks.

Ongoing Support

Continue to offer support, address queries, and provide assistance throughout the policy duration.

Ready to protect your business? Contact us for more details with our comprehensive insurance services!