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Foreign Workers

We primarily recruit foreign workers, typically from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia for general roles, while assisting with liaising with local authorities for the required permits, visas, and licenses. Regardless of their nationality, we ensure candidates of only the highest quality.

We guide you through every step to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Initial Consultation

Understand your staffing needs, and tailor our services to your unique requirements through a simple discussion.

Documentation and Quota Processing

Assist in compiling the necessary documents and initiate the process to secure the required quotas for your foreign workers.

Government Liaison

Liaise with the relevant government authorities, ensuring that your application aligns with the current policies and regulations.

Worker Sourcing

Connect to our networks in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia to source trustworthy and skilled workers for your needs.

Visa and Permit Processing

From work visas to necessary permits, we manage the entire process to ensure your foreign workers have all the legal requirements sorted.

Accommodation and Settlement

If needed, we assist in arranging suitable accommodation and/or transport, and support your foreign workers in settling into their new environment.

Ongoing Support

Provide ongoing support to both you and your foreign workers to ensure a positive and successful working relationship.

Hiring foreign workers becomes hassle-free with us. Feel free to reach out for more details or if you have any questions along the way!